Gday and thanks for stopping by. So you want to know a little about me? Well I’m a Bird Photographer based in the Warby Ranges which is a beautiful region in the North East of Victoria, Australia. I developed a passion for birds and photography around 7  years ago after a life changing event. Since then I have been photographing and learning about Australia’s amazing birdlife.

I have been very fortunate to visit some amazing locations in Australasia which also includes a trip of a lifetime to the Sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia. I try to get out as often as I can and try to do 2 big trips a year.

My Gear

I currently shoot Canon and have a 5dmk4 full frame camera which recently replaced my 5dmk3 which has a shutter count of over 120,000 🙂 I started with a Canon 40D which I still have and then moved onto a Canon 7D. The 7D served me very well until I got too much salt water in it and it died 🙁

I was very lucky to pick up a second hand Canon 500 F4 IS II which is my main lens which is coupled with a Canon 1.4 extender. I also have a Canon 400 5.6L which was my first lens and I still use it for bird in flight shots. 

Birdlife Australia

I am a proud member of Birdlife Australia and have contributed many photos to their wonderful magazine. I am honoured to have been featured on the cover on two occasions. I encourage anybody who has an interest in Australia's native birdlife to become a member and help give birds a voice. 

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